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Corporate Strategy

Ⅰ Overall strategy
Taking the goal that revitalizing China lighting industry as our responsibility, taking outdoor lighting field as our major industry, taking outdoor professional lighting products as our main products, taking it that meetting the professional outdoor lighting design application as our standard, taking capital operation as a way for enterprise further development,we will create industrial clusters which are integreted with research and development, production and sales ,in the core position ,of which outdoor professional lamps and lanterns, LED lighting, energy-saving lamps and lighting appliance and so on ,and create a world-class brand of outdoor lighting industry, become the industry preferred brand.

Ⅱ Product strategy
1. Taking full use of the coroperation relationship with top customers in America and Europe as well as the advantage of America and Europe branches , from the application of professional lighting design, our designed and developed products should keep the same level of world advanced products in design conception, quality and technology.
2. By the lamps and lanterns manufacture primarily,,we will have complete serises of outdoor lighting product line which covers LED lamp, solar power LED and HID, lawn lamp, buried lamp, underwater lamp, omni lights, garden lamp, tunnel, project-light lamp.we will have a industrial chain including light manufacture, electronics manufacture, professional design and manufacture lamps and lighting design.We provide engineering application solutions in design, product integration, service and energy-saving lighting three aspects, and lead the development of domestic outdoor lighting industry trends.
3. Patent strategy: the other reflection of Better's innovation in product strategy is on the patent strategy, based on accumulated rich experience and constantly enhanced developing ability, we take our own R & D road rather than simply imitating.While Continuously introduce new products, we take the patent strategyto cure and strengthen the position in lighting industry.

Ⅲ Brand strategy
1. Implement the international brand strategy. At present, "BTR" ------the brand already has a high reputation in the brand in international outdoor lighting industry, with customer’s highly recognition,.Our next step is to, set up popularity and reputation brand in outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns industry in domestic market and to establish “BTR” brand in foreign users.
2. Enrich brand competition strategy's connotation, realizes the brand management and the specialized operation. To further enhance corporate image and brand image, at the same time ,to enrich brand cultural connotation combined with excellent enterprise culture and further improve BTR" "brand’s popularity, reputation, loyalty and establish professional brand in lighting industry.
3. Through taking integrated marketing communication as brand spreading idea ,to achieve the "BTR" brand and product brand communication and continuity of value-added by three-dimensional means.To strengthen the brand culture construction ,while Committed to professional distribution partners to create brand awareness,to gradually establish a professional brand image and connotation in stylists, users and government through product promotion, technology conference, domestic and international professional exhibition, media, news, training and technical exchanges,public relations and so on. To achieve the "BTR" brand and product brand spreading by three-dimensional means.
4. Full display “BTR” enterprise brand and product brand linkage effect. With the brand as the forerunner, taking the main products as the carrier, through the differentiation and professional products and services, to strengthen the brand superiority Timely and to appropriate to carry out the brand extension,. To implement trade linkage ,enhance penetration related industries and chieve strong cooperation and mutual benefit with the international and domestic partners.

Ⅳ Overall market strategy
1. According to the characteristics of the lighting industry, improve market competitiveness which the competitiveness of the industry chain is in the core position. Through enhancing the core competitiveness , integrate advantages of market resources;
2. Taking the marketing strategies of segment, accounting for the high-end, multi-channel cooperation, mutual benefit and common development .Aiming at taking outdoor professional lighting as the core product in main business. Based on the advantage in occuping the international market access ,rapidly implement the strategy of developing the domestic market, subdividing channel, broadening and deepening distribution channels to expand markets,setting branches and offices in key areas , entering every provinces by franchise and chain operations,city to become the industry first.
3. Further improve the market system and the service mechanism. To sound Better in domestic and international markets marketing network channels and markets rapid response mechanisms, increase supports and services for the core partners , while making domestic and international market demand feedback to the company at the first , and immediately converse into Better’s R & D capability ,the actual production and the formation of the final market efficiency.
4. Demand oriented, we hold that providing satisfactory service as our core values. Self-transcendence is the spirit of Better service.It is our enterprise mission’s specific reflection on market that providing satisfactory products and services and integrated solutions for customers and lighting designers. It is Better’s objectives and core of market operation that through Better’s continuous product innovation, market model innovation, value-added services, providing sustained profitable ability for partners, end users.

Ⅴ R & D strategy
1. Huge sum of money into scientific research and technological development. From the moment Better is committed to lighting, the product R & D investment is relatively large. Our enterprise build up professional division of scientific research team in industrial design in products, professional optical design, structural design, electrical R & D to keep stepping up product development efforts.
2. The product development stands in the world leading altitude. Through cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers, through the establishment of the European and U.S. companies, always maintain synchronization with the world in the technology and ideas , constantly bring superior products into Chinese market.
3. Take the developing strategy of Power-and-power union and complement each other's advantages. Coroperate to design products with indoor and outdoor well-known lighting brands .
4. Professional lighting application development as the core, gradually extened to the light source and electrical products R & D.
5. Sustainable development capability. Every year provides new product to the domestic and foreign market, guaranteed continuous product competitive power.And realizes the product line perfect competitive power finally.

Ⅵ Talented person, management and enterprise culture strategy
1. humanist, truly realizes the continue common development between the staff and the enterprise .Our each staffs are enterprise's master, manifests not only in the idea, but also in drive and assignment mechanism.The core of better’s talented person strategy lies in its original incentive mechanism. besides providing benefits and the development platform, Better gives stocks and draws bonus to employees. enterprise's goal is to gradually transforms into the society enterprise which owned stocks to the whole staff, to condense a large quantities of profession outstanding person,to become a platform which the enterprise owners, the operator and the staff start an undertaking with creates the rich together, to realise the staff personally with the enterprise communal development and win-win modle,as well to guarantees the sustainable development of better.
2. Eagerly anticipate the trade management level through the business management innovation and the mechanism innovation.Through the omni-directional promotion of Better’s business management level, to creat new business management platform. According to enterprise strategy's request, establish, transform and consummate the modern business management system and the operation mechanism unceasingly, to form a scientific ,complete and highly efficient business management movement system, to realise comprehensive promotion in aspect of human resources management, research and development management, quality control, financial control, market regulation .Through innovating presses the promotion, to construct the profession lead of management idea and management level.
3. Creat unique enterprise culture and study organization strategy. Self-surmounting and the continuous innovation is Better’s core values, promoting the formation of enterprise core values and diligently cultivating the team spirit of struggle the first-class forever. Through the cultural and study organization's establishment and consummation, to raise the entire organization's study atmosphere,to fully display whole staff's creation ability and the sense of responsibility, will build one kind of study the organization innovation atmosphere. Thus enhancing the ability of deal with the issue of the whole staff ,and enhancing the battle efficiency of the overall team.